Thursday, 25 September 2014

From the Life of

傻笑 - Jay Chou ft Cindy Yen
Out of a unusual feeling of responsibility towards myself and following the example of Xiaxue
who really uncompromisingly blogged about EVERYTHING back then, regardless whom she might harm or not - including herself -
I think I should really blog about the following happenings.

I think later on (when I'm old and bitter) these will be my the memories of my youth, when I was young and reckless Hahaha.

But before I start, some other stories, whose relation to the main story I leave to your imagination.
I would say that I am a person who without making a big fuss always thinks what she says.
I don't appreciate nor make use of ambiguity or say things that I don't mean like that.

Of course there are exceptions, when I'm around friends I am not constantly playing diplomat and also I don't say everything I think (which should be normal), but mostly I'm for one quite aware of what I say and also, when I say something I mean it exactly like that.
I don't see why people should complicate things by saying things without meaning them, it would be better to say nothing at all.

It is funny how I don't fear being judged at all. I don't mind if people say I'm a bitch, ugly, lazy, hate my roots, or whatever. I don't care.
Or better, I either really couldn't care less or know it better.

That's why concerning this topic, it is really astonishing how I absolutely fear to be judged.
I feel so vulnerable (?)
And I might ending up blogging about something else at first, so we'll see !^^

Ok I have decided to blog about this something else first, because if I do it the other way round it might seem weird.

DISCLAIMER The following contents is written by a person who hasn't been in a relationship before and doesn't even intend to be in any relationship any time soon.
I don't give a fuck (in the true meaning of the word).
So these are just thoughts of a naive, clueless girl who doesn't know better. I don't judge. LOL

I want to write about clingers/ jealous rls partners.

Somehow being together with a clinger speaks against everything that I believe in: - that one should trust and believe in one another in a relationship
- that one cherishes and respects each other's individual personality
- that without those a relationship cannot work
- that people also have a responsibility towards themselves, that they should love themselves, too, at all times, so they would realize when something just 'kills' them on the inside
- that they should always look realistically at things, so they know when something has no future and it's time to move on

Yes, I am indirectly saying that one should break up with a clinger or terribly jealous rls partner asap and I am aware of the fact that I sound like cold-hearted bitch.
Well, I am a cold-hearted bitch, but I also don't know any better (remember?)

I understand that being together with a person for a long time creates more bonds than just love, you have the fear of being alone, the feeling of being used to stay in a rls/ with that person, some hope that things might change, a certain indifference or a growing thick skin towards such accustomed flaws, convenience.

I understand that these things exist, I don't understand that those things could make a person choosing to stay in what is certainly called a poisonous relationship. (forgive me!)

It might be because I have been in a poisonous relationship as well (remember I said I have never been in a relationship so it must be that) I talk about friendship here.

I was friends with a girl in middle school. I guess it started somewhat normally, but the longer we were friends the more dominant the girl became. She didn't force me to do things for her, not really.
Except that I had to join her to the toilet every time or wait for her to pick her up to school or things like that.
Or one time I had to get off the train, but she lived a few stops further so she half-jokingly, half-seriously hindered me (and a granny behind me) to get off. Not only was I super angry with her when I missed my stop, the granny started to scold us somemore!
Also she used to always complain to me about things that had nothing to do with me. Like the weather.
And I had to kinda justify the heavens for her.

I have seen a few rls like this. Between other girls when I'm on the train. Or one of my friend's friend was also like this. She needed a 'submissive' partner, whom she could boss around.

Anw, one day after sports when this friend had upset me once again by trying to make me stay longer, I finally found that I had enough.
The next day I didn't pick her up for school and our close friendship was over. We were still friends, since we were in the same group of friends, only luckily I wasn't her best buddy anymore.

When I think back, I'm really glad that I managed to free myself from her.
Poisonous relationship are really weird. Actually this person is your friend, but when you think about it, can this really be a friend when the time you spend together actually sucks out-and-out and you just didn't realize it?

I know that I read an article about poisonous rls back then, but can't remember if that was before or after our friendship ended.
Nevertheless I am forever grateful to this eye-opening article, as it showed me how twisted life can be.
And how important it is to be aware of oneself.

Hearing from other poisonous rls I know how they can absolutely destroy you, exhaust you to the core or make you feel miserable about your whole existence.

It is then your job to firstly realize that you are not feeling good (which isn't always as easy as it sounds), finding the reason (your friend, lover, mother, son, coach, colleague, teacher, dog?, idk) and eliminating it.
I think the article talked about braking up with this person, but I guess trying to talk some sense into them is also a start.
Only that I fear that it required some professional help to cure these persons.

On to clingers. My view on clingers isn't quite normal I must say.
This is attributed to a certain dark incident during my early dumb teen years, which I wish I could eliminate out of history.
This person wasn't exactly a clinger. He was just disgustingly 'ready-to-admire'. In the beginning I didn't mind, but after a short time I was so friggin' sick of his compliments, I couldn't stand it any more.
And to this date I detest those clingy sort of people who stick around your ass to pave your path with cotton candy.

So clingers are really my personal turn-off.

I could never be around someone who literally needs to compliment me around the clock (I'm allergic to compliments anw).
This would be a poisonous relationship for me.

On to the jealous peeps. I have never really engaged with jealous people.
Ok I have always been friends with 2 other girls, who were fighting about with whom I should stay when, but that's at least reasonable.
But jealous people are jealous because of fuck.

I think for outsiders it is hard to understand why people stay with jealous rls partners, especially because their behaviour resembles that of a maniac so strikingly.

A funny anecdote: My friend had these friends who were in a rls. The girls was super jealous, the guy pissed. It was somehow long-distance somemore.
One day when the guy came visiting, they had a fight or so. The guy gave the girl a reason to feel very jealous and gloomy.
My brilliant friend issued an ultimatum to the guy: If you can't stand it anymore then brake up with her! Don't let her suffer like this!!!
The guy? Broke up that instant hahahaha

Ok is it the cold-hearted bitch that laughs about this? Anyway, that girl was then super depressive. Really super depressive, as in failed class and started to do sports like crazy.

Which brings me to the point that she was weak.
Maybe the reason why I can't stand clingers (and certainly jealous people) is that they are weak.
I hate weak people.
Weak people can't love themselves. What is a person who can't even take care of himself?

This concludes my very insightful excursion about relationships.
Chu, Ailing

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

To good people

I noticed that lately I tend to only focus on the bad things. Which is so not me?
At times I'm thinking, 'What good thing has ever happened to me?' Whereas 'good thing' is sth link winning the Noble Price without really deserving it.

Ok I guess such things don't happen at all. But how about 'winning 1,000,000 $$$'?

Even those things don't happen too often, even less to my peers. (I could still add 'being scouted/ casted', 'marrying a star/millionaire', etc)

So I realize where the fuck do you take those frigging standards from? 'good things' happen like to nobody.
And it makes me feel like a damned spoiled brat who wants to work for nothing, but thinks she deserved everything.

And indeed in my life so far I have never really exhausted myself for anything and everything always worked out the way I wanted.

You could say that I had everything.

And now I'm more or less expecting things to continue like this, but with bigger goals. Which is plain ridiculous.
So I should stop my whining, like seriously

So in this post I shall focus on the good things that happened to me that I tend to ungratefully shove away too easily.


Which really is one of those things that don't happen too often to anyone. I guess it is even a 'good thing'.
And it's not really a lousy give-away, but a YSL give-away by my idol the awesome Shini from Park&Cube.

In case you are too lazy to check, I won 5 YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats lipsticks (must spell out the long-ass names to savour it...), 1 YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation and 1 YSL La Laque Couture nail polish.

The nail polish couldn't be sent to me due to idk shipping restrictions or so I was given the Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder. (Which is a shame actually, but hey, we deserve nothing and I love the powder!!)

I also love how YSL products smell! Ever since I got my first YSL lipgloss back in the days I have been loving this YSL scent~

I was asked by my friends to share the lipsticks with them. And even though you can't say that I am a greedy person at all (at least not regarding gifts, etc) I think I can't share them with anyone.
Because for one, it would defy the purpose of making me happy if I were to give away the shades I like and keep the more difficult to wear dark shades. On the other hand it would be stupid to give away the darks shades too and only keep the ones that are 'good' (Right now I realize, that I'm not sure if I had asked to share if I knew my friend had won sth similar).

So I have decided to keep all the lipsticks and to share them with my mother. This is good, because I feel I can't do enough good things for her, she likes and needs expensive make-up only and she won't use the stuff anyway hahaha
I will also give her the foundation, because I still have my Lancôme one and she wanted one and it isn't my skin tone, too
I will also offer to give her the powder because I also still have my MAC powder.

Am I not nice or am I nice not?


That not good Engrish.

I was shopping with my mother and for the first time in my life I completely forgot about my purse in the fitting room.
Only an aeon later did I realized it. My mother was professional enough not to freak out and we asked the salesladies. But nobody had seen one or had been give a purse.
We nearly went back to Zara to look for it there when I luckily remembered that I still had it when we left Zara.

I thought of looking between the clothing racks to see if I had left it there, but my mother told me to ask the cashier while she would investigate with the salesladies around the fitting rooms again.

Finally they told her the bag could only be at the service point 2 floors up. (WHY, WHY NOT SAY EARLIER?)

I had completely given up, why would it be at some completely different floor? If one of the shop assistants had found it they would for sure know where it is right? And not had us search around for so long only to finally guess that it could be further up.
And if a shopper had found it, why would they go through the trouble to bring the back somewhere else, when the most logical thing to do is to just hand it to the next saleslady? And who even remembers the existence of such service point?

I was already grieving for my belongings. The purse itself, a very unique super old H&M fabric messenger, which was as simple as it gets, with super many compartments. It was in it's own way perfect.
But the think I would be the saddest over was the loss of my amazing relatively new wallet. It was also in its own way perfect and I love it so much. The woven leather, the golden metal details, the compartments, everything!! Still to this day when I use it I feel a bit happy. Oh should it have really left me for good?
And then all my IDs in it...
Then also got my phone... I don't really cling to it, but just the thought of always losing my phones in such a inhumane, ridiculous why was very frustrating.

Anyway up we went and as it happens I saw my bag lying behind the counter. My heart skipped a beat. What the...?
The woman who has brought it there must be an angel (a siao angel maybe haha)
I should be forever grateful to her....

So in conclusion good things happen after all and I am just a whiny spoilt bitch.
Chu, Ailing

Thursday, 31 July 2014

This is the 2nd time I'm writing this.
I'm not even angry or frustrated anymore... this has happened to me a lot in the past. And now with the retarded blogger app which sometimes deletes the whole entry when running in the background it's happening again....


To further elaborate my HATRED FOR INSECTS:
Yesterday before going to sleep I spotted a huge black moth on the wall at the stairs.
(I told my father about it, but he was just like, 'oh hello, moth!'

When I woke up, I immediately noticed this dark spot on the lampshade right in front of my bed, which had a shape very much like one of a fucking moth!

I went to check for at the stairs, lo! the moth from there was gone!

The fucking nerve of it!
This fucking moth fucking moved from it's fucking place to the exact fucking space right next to me!!!!
What the fucking fuck!

I fucking hate insects!
And I think they hate me, too fuuu

Their only goddamn ability seems to be to find the vicinity of people who hate them the most!
What a fucking skill is that?!

Why did the friggin' moth change place anyway?
The spot on the middle of the bright wall not in-your-face enough leh?
Can better serve your life's purpose next to my fucking bed is it?

What is their ridiculously stupid life about anyway?

There can't possible exists a fuck of a reason for this stupid low-life to suddenly decided to get off that wall and fucking fly into my room!!!

Just the thought of such a retarded thing makes me wanna explode!!!

I hate moths the most!
They are the most disgusting ones!
At least fucking slugs don't fly around in that haphazardly way during the night to sit right next to you!!!!!!!

When I was younger sometimes I awoke in the middle of the night do the sound of something which sounded like water rippling... When I switched on the light I realized it was a fucking moth right next to my bed flying so close to the walls it fucking insult of a wing would flap against the wall causing this ridiculous sound...

I can't imagine any more retarded behaviour!!!
Why fly so freaking close to the wall?! WHY?
Also possibly this flapping sound is the most retarded sound ever...
Yes you read that right, there exists retarded sounds.... I never knew of them, too before I met these goddamn stupid moths...

At least other insects like mosquitoes only make a super high tone, admit similarly annoying but not disgusting or retarded!
Or the deep buzzing of some fat insects (who also actually have the fucking nerve to pass right next to your ear, when they have all the fucking skies for themselves) is disgusting but not retarded!!!!

*flap* *flap* *flap* in the middle of the night.... for fuck's sake...

This leads me to thing I hate most about insects: Their unfathomable low IQ

A more classic example would be flies.
What are you telling me you can enter through a howsoever small gap but can't fucking get out a wide opened window?!
What fucking bullcrap is that?!

Just watching their mindless flying around inside makes me so unbelievably inexpressibly frustrated that I just want to drop dead on the spot.... The pain of thinking of a method to accomplish dropping dead is equally frustrating and at least I'm distracted from the stupid fly while I wreck my brain...

Their low IQ is nearly unbearable, the longer you watch the more you wish to just end the world.... FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!

So I wonder if actually humans are the same to god!

What if god finds us as stupid as we find insects? If our brains are also like nothing to him as insect 'brains' are to us?
He must be so uber indifferent to us, if not hostile (like me) that it's no big deal wonders don't happen and there's so much bad things!!

Why should he listen to our stupid buzzing and humming?
What if insects pray to us, too all the time? We can't even hear it!!!
Oh please dear big beings, have mercy and leave me some rotten meat so my larvae have something to eat!
Please I don't have a job and have to 1000 kids to feed!!! Oh big beings, don't let my kids die!!

And we are like You think my meat for free ah? Stupid flies, cannot find other things to spoil ah? They think we don't need our food for what ha? You fuck can have my food!!

So what if god granting us our wishes also not for free for him? What if he needs the stuff needed for our wishes....
Alas, now I finally understand I never millionaire ah.....

Then again there actually exist humans who build fucktarded stuffs like freaking insect hotels!!!
At there insects are loved, so does that mean I should go to church more often?!

FML I still hate insects, be it that god hates us too..... Insects are a freaking pest!!!! amen.

Just a picture. For all those out there who think I super blasphemous, see it as my praise of god's good work.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We - Fly To The Sky
I have nothing to blog about, except that I want to blog.
Online shopping has really this one effin big disadvantage of mailing...
First of all you have to wait for the order be processed, then posted, then transported and then in most cases I think for you to go somewhere an pick it up, because you were not at home when a delivery attempt was made.

Another big trouble is this delivery attempt, you never know when this guy is going to arrive... Yesterday my parcel was supposed to arrive but UPS didn't made it... Now I have to wait again today.... fml

Online - real world connection needs a lot of improvement.
As in online shopping but also customer service!

For example Hermes let you track their delivery vehicle per GPS! So you can see where it is, at least when it's near your place you now it might arrive soon (if it's further away you can't say anything really, cuz you never know if in the next moment it will directly drive to your area/ place...)

Anyway I think the only solution for smoother and faster delivery is hire more mail man.... But then everything will be more expensive, too....

Then customer service... I think customer have arrived at 2253409th century already while companies still stagnate somewhere around the time when telegrams were introduces...


I won't even start about how long it takes them to reply to an e-mail... Probably they have to do some research at times or just typing a reply takes long enough and they get 10000s of them daily, BUT there are sites with CHAT SUPPORT (or twitter support, but that's really slow, too) there you are being served almost instantly and things work out super fast so why doesn't everyone offer this?!

What's the big deal? Either the poor fellas sit there and answer e-mails or just chat with the customers. I think chatting would even be more fulfilling and also quite varied so it wouldn't be so boring.
And the customer is happy too because he knows what he signed up for...

Yet most site still don't offer any of that support.....

But ok, what I don't know about things required to run a company so I shall indulgently close my eyes to such stupidity...

What really isn't understandable is that most of the times the persons replying to your e-mail don't even care to read it!
Or are just too dumb to do it, I don't know how....

Mostly you will get one of these pre-made answers, which obviously don't give you the information you asked for, because then it would be on their site already and you'd have read it liao!!!

So then you will reply, asking the same thing again....

Only after this time, will you get an answer, except that you asked 2 things and apparently, customer service people only read to the first question.

So you reply again, asking them the 2nd question....

By that time mostly 4 days will have past...

And acutally it can't be that it takes them 4 days to answer 2 question, which in a normal convo would probably take sb 5 sec to explain.....

The most retarded thing is not that it's slow because they have so many mails or replying takes so long, it's because the first time you message them they fuck read your mail!!!!
They just copy past some random shit!!!

Ok I'm getting really agitated haha
The other day I ordered something from monoqi and it wasn't shipped in the due time.
I msg them, no reply...
I spam their freaking twitter... nothing
I complain on their fucking facebook... no reaction

For heaven's sake, want to rip people off then why offer PayPal?
I really didn't want them to get through with this (of course I filed a complaint via pp) but I also insulted them on twitter for days hahaha....

I love cursing people, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction!!!

Anyway to end this useless ramble I will just curse all the stupid companies on this world who are too dumb to reply to a question:
I hope you will all die! Now

Another thing I thought of is way SNS don't think of any method - especially for celebrities - to protect their account!
Recently Donghae's instagram was hacked and he was very upset about it....

Of course the hackers will brute-force the PW so Donghae knew he was attacked by getting mails I guess, like 'Your account was deactivated for 1 day because of too many failed log-in attempts' or so...
Why don't they offer device identification/ recognition... Like only from this and that registered device can you access this account.... Like that hackers will have it much harder....

The problem with people is we are too lazy and comfortable with everything....

Chu, Ailing

Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Problems

I Can't - 2PM
xx's blog is/was freaking amazing! I feel v inspired to also blog about whatever I have in mind.
So now at 2am I'm half lying in my bed, laptop on my belly!

And a spider had to rope down just in front of my screen. Why do insect have this fucking retarded talent of always appearing right in front of your face at the most stupid times?

Do they want to get killed so badly?

And why is it so fucking irritating to get rid of spiders and their stupid webs/ threads?
I moved my laptop to the left hoping it would take the spider with it and tear up the fucking thread it used to come down with.
Of course it didn't work. As I moved my laptop back the spider was still there trying to get up. I tried it again with no success...

Absolutely irritated I actually got up, switched on the light and searched for my still sealed ELLE to try to get rid of the spider (by flinging it away), then OF COURSE it was nowhere to be found.

FUCK INSECTS! If I could I would make them all stop existing and I fuck care for any environmental damage!!
Even butterflies can go kiss my ass..... ALL SHOULD DIE!!!

But that was not what I wanted to write about.

I know I have mentioned several times that I can't stand being complimented on.
I know many people have this kind of problem, but for me it is kind of worse than I don't know what to say/ how to react/ don't think it was meant sincere/ am not worthy.
I guess I'm really overreacting (on the inside). Recently I again realized how ridiculous and also stupid I am.
I know all of these posts (and tweets) sound like humble-bragging, but I am really not...
Well read and you will see...

A few days ago I tried on this cool coat while I was shopping with my mother.
The coat was slim fit and kinda snug so it did enhance a skinnier body, of course I am aware of the fact that it did look not bad on me (but not extraordinary good either, especially cuz the shoulders were too wide)...

So this staff member was coming along the way and exclaimed, 'WOAH!', before he could think.
Then seeing my or better my mothers reaction (as I immediately backed away) apologized, 'Sorry, I didn't say anything, but it looks really good'

My mother saved the whole situation by having some small talk about fashion with that dude while I acted like he was air.
At that moment I did not think about how my behaviour looked like for others, I actually just wanted to act like nothing happened, like I didn't notice what had happened and what's going on now while I just prayed that the guy would move on so the whole situation would be over.

Only when he left could I return to normal.
Now when I think back, I think my behaviour or attitude looked like I was being terribly arrogant to the point that I don't want to talk with small fries who can do nothing but admire me. (If you know any freakish anime character like that, I might seem exact the same...)

Kinda like 'Ahh! I know that I am amazing, tell me something new you midget'

Yes that sounds arrogant, but it's totally not the image I want to convey... but when I recap the whole scene it could only seem like that, because I couldn't have possibly not notice that dude yelling 'woah!' across the whole room and his convo with my mother who stood right next to me ('the coat looks really classy! I like this kind of fashion blabla')

The thing is I am always acting like that when confronted with praises!
I try to act like nothing happened, long for the moment the person goes back to what they did, because I wish that nothing had happened!!!

I want to be honest and not leave anything out; of course I get a boost of happiness hormones when I learn that someone find sth good/ pretty about or on me.
How can I not?

But it is purely the information that delectates me, the whole act of complimenting is such a pain, if not a torture!
I guess it's a feeling of extreme embarrassment? I don't even know during those seconds my brain totally stops working!

Which is literally what happens: There are times when I don't even hear the compliment (if it really is one) because once I realize where the statement leaving the talkers mouth is going to, my brain just shuts down. I can't think anything at all, except, 'let this be over'. And I don't hear the rest of the sentence!!
That leads to really awkward situations, because when they finish, I don't know what the person has talked about!
I can't say 'sorry? come again?', too, cuz imagine it was a friggin compliment how self-absorbed would that sound like haha

I don't remember any specific event that happened except one time, when I ended up saying 'err.. okay'

The guy and the person with him look absolutely puzzled and left.
OMG what had I done haha
BUT I couldn't say 'thank you' right? In case it wasn't a compliment, so the most neutral answer really is 'okay'.
I mean 'They weather is really nice tonight isn't it?' - 'err.. okay'
'Are you free tonight?' - 'err.. okay'
'I hate foreigners' - 'err.. okay'
'Do you know how to get to the next gas station?' - 'err.. okay'

Err.. okay it is really not the best answer hahaha I couldn't really help it, I think the one thing you can reply to anything is 'who cares' hahaha

(If you are wondering if my reaction(actually non-reaction) was correct according to my brain's weird thinking pattern or if I'm just a narcissistic bitch, thinking any stranger who approaches me must want to get a love confession off their chest, the convo started like this (at least this is what I can still remember) 'Can I tell you sth?' - 'yes?' - 'you have the most beautiful......' ... I admit I'm kind of deaf at times so maybe he said sth completely different like 'You so ugly yo mama......' Really I don't intend to humble brag haha)

Gah! I don't really want to change that, as I don't want to become one of those people who take compliments for granted, I just wish there was a way to end those situations immediately!

I wonder if there are many people who have similar problems? Let's google....

Ok, I either don't know how to google or there really isn't any more popular discussion about this sort of problem...

Anw, one last disclaimer, I don't react like that always!
When my friends praise me I can of course react accordingly and brush it down or whatever (Gosh I wish I had your hair - Do you know how much I lose when I shower? You wouldn't want to know me any longer... /no humble brag)
Or when family members praise me I will normally act cute (if we are not that close)

But even when people I just know or am just a bit friends with praise me, I will answer with a kind of fake and patronizing curt 'thank you' (or even 'okay'). Which doesn't feel honest or appreciating at all (at least for me) and thus will also disappoint the other I think).

There's really nothing relevant on google... Most people want to know if other also downplay the compliment or can't accept it because of low self-esteem and want to avoid ever meeting those persons again, because they are afraid they might fail them....
I don't have such problems at all.....

Most people who compliment me are strangers (not saying that I get compliments all the time again, no humble brag) so I probably won't meet them again anyway... And even if it is sb that I probably meet again, let's say a shop owner... I'm so sure that I won't live up to any standard I set on that 1st encounter that I couldn't care less....
And really if it's only a short 'See you again, pretty!' (argh no humble brag!) I can live with that since it's a 1 second thing and I wouldn't care about meeting them again too, since I don't care about expectations....

But let's say I had to meet that dude from the shop I bought the coat again.... I'd try to hide behind hanging rails and mannequins... Not because of the expectation mind you, but because the sole memory of that event is stressing me out ridiculously, and I wouldn't want to risk anything like that again.....

So yes I am ridiculous. And I don't know what to think of my behaviour disorder at all haha

In case you are wondering, yes that's my paw in the pictures~
Because, I didn't say that I am not narcissistic either, didn't I? Actually the colours on my nails and of the flowers were just matchy matchy...

If you can't appreciate the art because it's too self-absorbed then maybe the fact that I held the super heavy DSLR with one hand for like half an hour will win you over!
And yes the poses are all nearly the same... But it is very difficult to pose with anything so that your nails wills show haha
Oh yes, the nail colour is Essie Cute As A Button that I luckily got along with a fashion magazine that I never paid for haha.

Chu, Ailing

Friday, 25 July 2014

인형처럼 웃고 있어요

Love is - FT Island
Hongki said he doesn't want to hv gf w plastic surgery!
Also the first question he will ask when meeting (Korean) girl will be, 'Did you get plastic surgery?'

Everyone is relaxing at the lounge of FNC building, waiting for Yonghwa

HK Ai, did you get plastic surgery? *stares at Ailing with intense interest*
*akward silence, everybody feels embarrassed, but also curious*

Ai *prompt and with serious face* Of course! I had EEEVERY surgery out there!
*restrained laughter, except Hongki*

HK No, for real! I'm just curious!
Ai It's true! I had several implants, nose job, 4 eye surgeries, jaw shaving, cheekbone shaving, lips, boob job, I even break my bones to became taller! I can't even remember every surgery I had!
HK That was a serious question! Just answer truly! No need to be ashamed! Many~
Ai I'm not ashamed! I'm telling the truth! In reality I'm a male black Lilliputian!!
HK Aaisshi~ Why don't you answer seriously! Many of my friends had things done! Nobody minds in our business! It's~
Ai Huh? *short laughter* I am totally serious? Shouldn't you be happy Hongki-sunbae?
HK Aaaishhiii~! I just~ *gets up and walks towards soda machine*
*akward silence*

JH ahh... Ailing, don't mind him. Hongki is always like this. It doesn't mean anything *smiles*
JJ Yes, Hongki will joke around like that
SH When I was new, I was very shocked of how he treated me! I was scared of Hongki-sshi!
*everybody laughs*

Ai No, I don't mind *laughs* I just don't think, that you shouldn't ask this question to anyone. No matter what your ideals are.

Ai But, I really don't mind *laughs* It's really nothing *laughs again*
JH *looks at phone* Yonghwa sure takes a long time....
*everyone looks at next available clock*

JJ yeah, what is he doing?
*everyone starts to wonder*

A door opens, Yonghwa says goodbye to someone and comes out

JH What took you so long?
YH ah nothing... *greets everyone via eye contact* Hi, Ailing
Ai *shy* Hello
YH Where's Hongki?
JH He's~

Hongki comes back

HK Yonghwa kyaaaa~ *jokingly does aegyo sprint halfway to greet Yonghwa*
YH Whaddup my brother? *weird handshake with Hongki*
*everybody laughs*

YH Should we go?
*everyone agrees and gets up*


Chu, Ailing